Ndaté Sylla

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webmaster - graphic designer

Ndaté Sylla’s passion for conventional graphic arts and Web technologies put him in the vanguard: as a fine arts graduate, he quickly realized how important the Internet was becoming, leading him to study web design. Then, guided by his desire to take his ideas from creation to execution, he worked on polishing his knowledge in Web programming: a well-rounded profile for a dynamic, atypical personality.
Having worked for various communication agencies and for an NGO active in the health field before creating his own business, his professional background reflects his great versatility.
Also, have a look at what our artist has been creating in the artistic fields of painting and sculpture. He has exhibited in Switzerland (at the Nelly Eplattenier gallery & Lausanne Hotel-de-Ville gallery), in France (Fontenay-sous-Bois), and in Senegal (Dakar).

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